@lpatmo lpatmo released this Apr 30, 2018 · 217 commits to master since this release

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Contributors to this release:

@dylanbobb (first PR)
@WinterCore (first PR to this project)
@piyushmittal25 (first PR)

Many thanks also to @rmorabia, @distalx, @railsstudent, @julianjohannesen (auto-tweet opt-out bug filed a while ago), and @stain88 for reporting/filing bugs.

Also check out the first Greetbot release led by @BethanyG, @stain88, and @angelocordon + many other contributors: https://github.com/codebuddies/greetbot/releases

A lot of bug fixes on the heels of our big 1.0 release!


🐦 Opt out of auto-tweeted learnings - You can now opt out of auto-tweeting your learnings when you share a learning (👏@railsstudent in #838)

:octocat: Github signin link added to the home page (👏@railsstudent in #833)

Bug Fixes

🐞 Bug fix: owner of completed hangout can create a hangout from the same page (broken button)
(👏@railsstudent in #858)

🐞 Slack notifications fix: remove mentions of usernames in Slack notifications because of 1) Github login; 2) reported username glitch (👏@lpatmo in #855)

🐞 Bug fix: hide google calendar button in completed hangout (👏@railsstudent in #857)

🐞 Bug fix: long URLs in hangout descriptions would break popup container (👏@railsstudent in #804)

🐞 Bug fix: Add prettierignore file to solve problem of recurring package-lock.json merge conflicts due to prettier formatting (👏@distalx in #853)

🐞 Bug fix: Solve overflow problem for long URLs in discussion threads (👏@piyushmittal25 in #837)

🐞 Bug fix: expand completed hangout card height (👏@WinterCore in #820 )

🐞 Major bug fix: update acemtp:accounts-slack page to resolve alarming root login error when users logged in from a non-CB Slack account (👏@distalx in #819 )

Structural improvements

👨‍💻Upgraded our app from Meteor 1.4.x to Meteor 1.6! (👏@distalx in #842)
👨‍💻Upgraded Dockerfile for meteor 1.6! (👏@nalbina in #846)
👨‍💻CI improvements in package.json, .meteor/versions, and .meteor/packages! (👏@distalx in #845)
👨‍💻Add prettier, husky, and lint-staged to automatically apply standard formatting to PRs (👏@nalbina in #841)
👨‍💻Remove duplicated code in the Meteor.LoginWithSlack function (👏@railsstudent in #824)
👨‍💻Remove unused registerHelper(👏@dylanbobb in #827)


👊 Go team.
We still have only 1 issue left in our milestone 1.0 goals, we've launched the greetbot on Slack, and we've specced out two new experimental features that will help better connect the community (see: gamification and a global silent hangout page).

Next up:

Feel free to file a Github issue if you see anything that you want to improve, or if you have an experimental idea you think can help improve the community experience.

Thank you everyone!