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In case you missed it, we published a project status letter that defines our primary mission, goals, and challenges this year:


☕️ Users can set up BuyMeACoffee, Patreon, or "donate to non-profit" links that'll show up after a hangout they've organized has ended (👏 @distalx in #908)

📚 Archive full data (study group, discussion) after user deletes account (👏 @railsstudent in #915)

🎤 Testimonials about how CB has helped users added to the home page (👏 @titchimoto)

🎙 Launch of! Link added to nav. (👏 @d3vild06, @praveeno in #928)

📘 Update Slack Etiquette on

📺 External hangout platform: hangout organizers can input an alternate link to Jitsi (eg Google Hangout, YouTube Livestream, Zoom, Twitch, etc.) (👏 @lpatmo in #940)

📢 Alert the #coworking channel on Slack whenever someone joins the 24/7 silent hangout to cowork (👏 @distalx in #947)

Bug Fixes

🐞 Fix Cannot read property 'username' of null error in Jitsi iframe (👏 @distalx in #900)

🐞 Fix: Make sure video is always muted by default when users join a hangout (👏 @lpatmo in #904)

🔢 Fix: participant count (👏 @distalx in #906)

🐞 Fix hangout link issue (👏 @peoray in #933)

🐛 Fix hangout link discrepancy bug in 24/7 silent hangout (👏 @lpatmo in #935)

Structural improvements

📈 Display total # of learnings (👏@distalx in #874)

🌠 Fontawesome upgrade (👏 @railsstudent in #917)

📦 Update packages to fix app startup (👏 @gauravchl)

⬆️ Upgrade to Meteor 1.7 in preparation for file restructuring and vue.js migration (👏 @d3vild06)

🐳 Remove hooks for Docker build (👏 @sebbel)


👊 Go team.

[x] Global silent hangout page Github issue
[x] Global site numbers Github issue
[x] CSS fix on profile page Github issue
[x] Unsubscribe link to automated email reminders Github issue
[x] An experimental Docker project to preview PRs

[ ] Our own buddybot to replace plusplusbot, and option to flag messages in Slack that break the Code of Conduct (👏 @billglover in
[ ] Create new hangouts directly from Slack (👏 @gauravchl in #943)
[ ] CodeBuddies Connect experiment (#876)
[ ] Redesign the home page and other main pages (#880)
[ ] Gamification Github issue
[ ] Ability for users to send each other messages on the site (inbox feature)

Feel free to file a Github issue if you see anything that you want to improve, or if you have an experimental idea you think can help improve the community experience.

Thank you everyone!

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