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CodeBuddies Resources

This is a master list of resources crowdsourced by the CodeBuddies community. Find us on Slack or on the Hangouts platform and maybe on a Facebook group too, TBA.



If we are missing some resource, follow our contribution guide and make PR.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • A 3-week MOOC from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Focuses on interactivity for intermediate learners.

Code Guide: Standards for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS by Mark Otto

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • An easy to read online guide on HTML and CSS syntax with some JavaScript concepts explained. Great for those who only have 10-15 minutes a day to spend on studying code.

Dive Into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • A community driven guide to HTML5 syntax and concepts. Also discusses video, accessibility, and APIs.

Smashing Magazine's guide Mastering CSS3

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • Smashing Magazine is the well-known resource to all things design and front-end developer related. This guide on CSS3 should be all you need to fully integrate styling in your projects.


A Practical Git Introduction by Marchel Bling

  • Added by @wilcott321
  • A comprehensive guide that discusses gists, forking, branches, commits, merging, rebasing, as well as remote controls such as push, fetch, and pull.

Git Pocket Guide by Richard E. Silverman

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • A shorter, but thorough guide that focuses on terminology, making commits, branching, merging, checking repo history, and basic parsing. The "How Do I..?" section is worth studying.

Learn Enough Git to be Dangerous by Michael Hartl

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • This is a hands-on guide that is very newbie-friendly. Each chapter includes an exercise on making commits, branching, merging, cloning, push and pull requests, remote repos, and how to write a file.


A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript

  • Added by @will
  • For beginners. Includes online interactive exercises. I've heard great things about it.

Javascript: Understanding The Weird Parts

  • Added by @will
  • A good course to go a little beyond the basics. Not free but you will get coupons and special offers from Udemy once you sign up.

  • Added by @wuworkshop

  • Added by @wuworkshop

  • Added by @anbuselvan

  • Added by @deearcodes

  • Added by @abdulhannanali
  • Link for the third book Javascript Allange.

  • Added by @abdulhannanali
  • Link for the second book Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric Elliot

  • Added by @abdulhannanali

  • Added by @abdulhannanali

  • Added by @onbrokenwings
  • "This course aims to get you started on the path toward JavaScript mastery. You will learn how to: create code that can make basic decisions; create efficient debugging techniques with browser developer tools; access and modify HTML elements and CSS styles on a page; and use JavaScript to communicate with a server. This course will also introduce you to the rapidly growing world of JavaScript Libraries, and you'll get a chance to create a simple application with Backbone.js."

  • Added by @wuworkshop
  • Just heard about this free weekly online training from Bitovi.

Test-Driven JavaScript Development in Practice by Christian Johansen

  • Added by @Wilcott321
  • Bought to you by TutsPlus, this guide is more for intermediate JS programmers, but offers a guide to TDD through examples you can add to your own code.

Events and Callbacks by Hasindu PMA

  • Added by @hasindupma
  • In the browser most code is event-driven and writing interactive applications in JavaScript is often about waiting for and reacting to events


React Official Tutorial

  • Added by @sergeant-q
  • Facebook Official Tutorial - Intro to React

React Guide - FAQ

  • Added by @sergeant-q
  • A collection of links to help answer your questions About React.js


jQuery Learning Center

  • Added by @carolynlangton
  • Sometimes you need to go directly to the source. This tutorial comes right from and includes simple examples you can follow along with.

jQuery course by Codecademy

  • Added by @carolynlangton
  • Free interactive course on jQuery from They recommend that you have some HTML and CSS knowledge before starting. They say JavaScript knowledge is recommended, but not required.

jQuery Cheatsheet

  • Added by @carolynlangton
  • A neatly organized reference of the entire jQuery API, hosted by web designer and developer Oscar Otero. Highly bookmarkable.


AngularJS tutorial by Thinkful

  • Added by @carolynlangton
  • Great overview of AngularJS from Thinkful. From the site: "Build a simple email application and learn core AngularJS concepts. By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to see (fake) emails, search by subject line and read/delete emails."

Shaping Up with Angular.js

  • Added by @carolynlangton
  • Free, interactive course on AngularJS from Code School. Each lesson begins with a short video and ends with the learner trying some interactive exercises/problems.

Jquery Filter Example

  • Added by @hasindupma
  • jQuery filter function is a useful feature to extract your elements from a set of the matched elements, by using the matched selector or the function’s test


  • Added by @linda
  • Found this backbone.js tutorial courtesy Gina.


Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

  • Added by @ZoranPandovski
  • We examine NodeJS and NodeJS modules: Express for building web servers. On the database side, we review basic CRUD operations, NoSQL databases, in particular MongoDB and Mongoose.


Meteor Tips - Your First Meteor Application

  • added by @will
  • A great, easy to understand introduction to Meteor for newer programmers

Meteor Tips - Your Second Meteor Application

  • added by @will
  • Build another app and learn more about Meteor

Discover Meteor

  • added by @will
  • the de facto standard. Unfortunately not free.


GalaxQL 3.0

  • added by @will
  • A fun way to learn and practice SQL for beginners to intermediate. This version is online but you can also download an app to desktop.


  • added by @will
  • A step by step introduction with live interpreters.


Introduction to MongoDB

  • added by @ZoranPandovski
  • Fundamentals of MongoDB, including MongoDB’s Document data model, importing data into a cluster, working with our CRUD API and Aggregation Framework


Learn C the Hard Way

  • added by @will
  • If you're going to subject yourself to learning C, you might as well do it the hard way. Seriously though, a good introduction to some CS fundamentals and C programming.



Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1

  • added by @ZoranPandovski
  • Learn the fundamental elements of Java programming and data abstraction.

Introduction to Java Programming – Part 2

  • added by @ZoranPandovski
  • Learn the fundamental elements of Java programming and data abstraction Part 2.

iOS Development

Objective C



Learn Python the Hard Way

  • added by @will
  • Zed Shaw's books aren't for everyone but personally I love them. This book will take you from complete beginner to competent programmer

Automate the Boring Stuff

  • added by @Wilcott321
  • In this free ebook, Sweigart teaches readers how to program in Python by building various automation scripts

Programming is for Everybody- Getting Started with Python

  • added by @Wilcott321
  • A popular, newbie-friendly MOOC from the University of Michigan teaching programming fundamentals with python. I was introduced to and fell in love with programming with this course and I recommend it for all back-end beginners

Using Python to Access Web Data

  • added by @ZoranPandovski
  • This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python.



Python Web Server with Flask

  • added by @pdotasni
  • A simple webserver setup on a raspberry Pi using Flask

Restful API with Python and Flask

  • added by @pdotsani
  • A nice intro to web services via REST using Flask

Data Science


Learn Ruby the Hard Way

  • added by @will
  • Zed Shaw's books aren't for everyone but personally I love them. This book will take you from complete beginner to competent programmer

Learn to Program by Chris Pine

  • added by @Wilcott321
  • A definitive tutorial on programming in Ruby. Topics include variables, arrays, iterators, methods, classes, and other topics. Translated in 12 languages for accessibility.

Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby by Jonathan Gillette

  • added by @howdoicomputer
  • A quirky and humorous introduction to the Ruby programming language by the reclusive Ruby figurehead why. Chapters one and two are the introduction chapters with the programming bits starting up on chapter three.

Ruby on Rails

Rails Tutorial

  • added by @will
  • Every rails developer should read this book

The Odin Project

  • added by @will
  • A curriculum to learn the full stack, from the fundamentals of how the web works, to CSS and JavaScript, to building in Rails.


Go in 5 minutes

  • added by @crazcalm
  • This is the source code for the "Go in 5 minutes" Youtube series of 5 minute videos that cover a specific topics in Golang.

Go Books

  • added by @crazcalm
  • This is a list of Golang books broken down in the categories of starter, advanced and web development, and all the free books are labeled.

Other Lists

  • Added by @crazcalm
  • A curated list of, Platforms, Programming Languages, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Computer Science, Big Data, etc.


  • Added by @olivia
  • A useful site to search how to write something in a language (for example, a for loop)

In the Beginning was the Command Line

  • added by @olivia
  • A brief, entertaining history of the command line


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