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3/ Working with Branches

Working with branches

Remember that new branches should be created off of the staging branch.

Occasionally, you should make sure that you have the most-up-to-date staging branch within your fork by running the following commands:

git fetch upstream
git checkout staging
git merge upstream/staging

You should always be working inside a branch while solving an issue.

Make commits within the branch, and then -- when you're ready, push up the branch:

git push --set-upstream origin BRANCHNAME

How to see a list of all existing branches

Type git branch -a to see a list of all available branches.

Switching branches

If you want to switch to an already-created branch, you would type git checkout BRANCHNAME.

How to create a new branch

git checkout -b BRANCHNAME

Remember that our convention is to name the branch after the issue number we're working on.