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Recognition as a contributor

Submitted your PR? Congratulations! There are two places you should add yourself as a contributor:, and the page.


  • Switch to the adding-contributor branch.
    • git checkout adding-contributor
  • Merge the latest changes into this branch.
    • git merge staging

  • Open in your editor of choice.
  • Go to How do I contribute to this project? in the readme
  • Add your GitHub handler, GitHub profile page, and what you worked on above the line "Add Your Name Above"
    • example: @Example, - provided an example on
  • Commit your changes

ABOUT page

  • Open client/templates/other/about.html in your editor of choice
  • Add the following code above the comment "Add Your Name Above!" (NB: Best to cmd + f this line.):
<a rel="popover" class="user-popover" title="ADD_SLACK_HANDLER_HERE
  <a href='ADD_TWITTER_LINK_HERE'><i class='fa fa-twitter'></i></a>
  <a href='ADD_GITHUB_LINK_HERE'><i class='fa fa-github'></i></a>
  <a href='ADD_PERSONAL_SITE_HERE'><i class='fa fa-link'></i></a>"  
  data-content="ADD INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND HOW YOU CONTRIBUTED TO CODEBUDDIES" data-placement="top" data-toggle="popover">
  <img src="ADD_IMG_URL_HERE" class="img-circle" alt="YOUR_NAME"/>
  • Replace the following values:
    • ADD_SLACK_HANDLER_HERE - replace with your Slack handler (e.g., @sample)
    • ADD_TWITTER_LINK_HERE - replace with your Twitter link
      • If you don't have a Twitter account, delete <a href='ADD_TWITTER_LINK_HERE'><i class='fa fa-twitter'></i></a>
    • ADD_GITHUB_LINK_HERE - replace with your GitHub link
    • ADD_PERSONAL_SITE_HERE - replace with your actual site
      • If you don't have a personal site, delete <a href='ADD_PERSONAL_SITE_HERE'><i class='fa fa-link'></i></a>
    • ADD INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND HOW YOU CONTRIBUTED TO CODEBUDDIES - replace this with the requested information!
    • ADD_IMG_URL_HERE - replace with a image URL of yourself! (Can be your GitHub profile picture.)
  • Commit and push your changes!

Submit a PR

  • Submit a PR! (You may link it to your issues' PR, so the code reviewer can review your contributor additions as well.)
  • Remember not to delete this branch, so that others can use the adding-contributor as well