Linux, documentation, firefox 8-10 and facebook handler fixes #160

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Merged pull request making HAL optional (#149) which fixes Linux problems. Then several small changes mostly documentation.

nopper and others added some commits Sep 24, 2011
@nopper nopper Updating .gitmodules file e939ac0
@nopper nopper Fix to make hal dependency optional 23f8180
@obilodeau obilodeau Merge remote-tracking branch 'nopper/firefox5'
@obilodeau obilodeau updated documentation
- build instructions for ubuntu 11.04 and Backtrack 5
- noted that it works on Open SSIDs only
- usage notes for linux: interface in monitor mode required and run as root
@obilodeau obilodeau ignoring linux build's temp files 8d21b5b
@obilodeau obilodeau Firefox 8 support
Tested with Firefox 8 on Ubuntu 11.10 and it worked just fine (as root).
@obilodeau obilodeau fixed facebook handler 25e47fe
@obilodeau obilodeau documentation update regarding firefox as root
clarified that we must run under a real root user and not sudo otherwise firefox profile will corrupt
@obilodeau obilodeau Add-on compatiblity bumped to Firefox 10
Successfully tested and working on 9.x and 10.x on Ubuntu 11.10

Just re-tested the whole thing and it works great under FF10 on Ubuntu 11.10 catching facebook and linkedin.

pisto commented on 25e47fe Mar 10, 2012

this doesn't seem to work, even though I can see that a parameter named 'xs' is effectively sent in the HTTP GET request nowadays. Any idea?


I know it doesn't work for mobile or touch facebook. For normal facebook it worked at the time but maybe facebook changed again...

Have you tried another handler to make sure you are setup correctly? If so, then the best way to fix this is to open wireshark and start firefox in a console, have another computer browse facebook and try to find the new cookie. You can modify handlers directly into firesheep.

Good luck

I have just tested. I can capture flickr, but not facebook (it does not even show up in the list). Wireshark shows these cookies: datr, lu, local, c_user, xs, act, presence, p. The domain is rightly If you have a cooked solution I'd be happy, otherwise I'm going to fiddle with the script when I have a bit of time.


Please submit separate pull requests for any handler updates and use #149 to discuss the HAL issue. Thanks.

@codebutler codebutler closed this Mar 10, 2013
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