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OSX Defaults Module for Puppet

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Provides classes for setting various defaults in Mac OS X. Also provides a means to set a "recovery message" to be displayed on the login and lock screens.

Recovery Message Usage

Displays the given message on the lock and login screens.

osx::recovery_message { 'If this Mac is found, please call 123-456-7890': }

One-Shot Settings

Just include any of these in your manifest.

Global Settings

  • osx::global::disable_key_press_and_hold - disable press-and-hold for accented character entry
  • osx::global::enable_keyboard_control_access - enables the keyboard for navigating controls in dialogs
  • osx::global::expand_print_dialog - expand the print dialog by default
  • osx::global::expand_save_dialog - expand the save dialog by default
  • osx::global::disable_remote_control_ir_receiver - disable remote control infrared receiver
  • osx::global::disable_autocorrect - disables spelling autocorrection

Dock Settings

  • osx::dock::2d - use the old flat dock style
  • osx::dock::autohide - automatically hide the dock
  • osx::dock::clear_dock - ensures the dock only contains apps that are running
  • osx::dock::disable - disable the dock by setting a long autohide-delay
  • osx::dock::dim_hidden_apps - dims icons of hidden apps
  • osx::dock::hide_indicator_lights - remove the indicator lights below running apps

Finder Settings

  • osx::finder::show_external_hard_drives_on_desktop
  • osx::finder::show_hard_drives_on_desktop
  • osx::finder::show_mounted_servers_on_desktop
  • osx::finder::show_removable_media_on_desktop
  • osx::finder::show_all_on_desktop - does all of the above
  • osx::finder::empty_trash_securely - enable Secure Empty Trash
  • osx::finder::unhide_library - unsets the hidden flag on ~/Library

Universal Access Settings

  • osx::universal_access::ctrl_mod_zoom - enables zoom by scrolling while holding Control
  • osx::universal_access::enable_scrollwheel_zoom - enables zoom using the scroll wheel

Miscellaneous Settings

  • osx::disable_app_quarantine - disable the downloaded app quarantine
  • osx::no_network_dsstores - disable creation of .DS_Store files on network shares
  • osx::software_update - download and install software updates

Customizable Settings

These settings can be used like one-shots or customized.

osx::global::key_repeat_delay - the amount of time (in ms) before a key starts repeating

# Set the default value (35)
include osx::global::key_repeat_delay

# ... or set your own
class { 'osx::global::key_repeat_delay':
  delay => 10

osx::global::key_repeat_rate - the amount of time (in ms) before key repeat 'presses'

# Set the default value (0)
include osx::global::key_repeat_rate

# ... or set your own
class { 'osx::global::key_repeat_rate':
  rate => 2

osx::universal_access::cursor_size - the amount the cursor will be zoomed

# Set the default value (1.5)
include osx::universal_access::cursor_size

# ... or set your own
class { 'osx::universal_access::cursor_size':
  zoom => 2

osx::dock::icon_size - the size of the dock icons, in pixels

include osx::dock::icon_size

class { 'osx::dock::icon_size': 
  size => 36

Required Puppet Modules

  • boxen
  • property_list_key


Write code.

Run script/cibuild.