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CodeCave LLC

C# and web development


  1. WakaTime add-in for MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio

    C# 15 14

  2. A cross-platform toolkit for reading metadata of .rfa, .rvt etc. Reading / writing hared sparameter and type catalog files WITHOUT Revit

    C# 58 28

  3. revit-sdk Public

    The Software Development Toolkit (SDK) provides extensive .NET code samples and documentation to help you get started developing with the Revit API.

    9 7

  4. Batch-export files to JSON Object Scene format

    C# 11 5

  5. OpenMCDF Public

    Structured Storage .net component - pure C#

    C# 16 7

  6. A core implementation of all WakaTime C#-driven plugins for IDE such as VisualStudio, Xamarin Studio, Monodevelop etc

    C# 7 2



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