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…gleType enum being passed (#220)

* Add ChaosToggle interface and update tests to account for including the MetricType being passed

Separate out the toggle name mapping from the toggle check into its own interface
Add demo app using unleash to demonstrate the per-user ability of enabling/disabling chaos
Reformat to make spotless compliant
Mock out ChaosMonkeyProperties
Rename enum to ChaosTarget and update demo app to use spring security
Add tests and documentation, also require property to enable Unleash config

* Added javadocs and removed tests that don't add value to the demo

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Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot

inspired by Chaos Engineering at Netflix

This project provides a Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot applications and will try to attack your running Spring Boot App.

All details are explained on Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot


If you're not familiar with the principles of chaos engineering yet, check out my latest blog post and enter the world of chaos engineering.

Chaos Engineering – withstanding turbulent conditions in production

Get familiar with the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot in the following video, available on YouTube:

Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot
Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot - new features


Chaos Monkey is open source and welcomes contributions from everyone. The contribution-guideline is where you should begin in order to best understand how to contribute to this project.





Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot 1.0.1 depends on Spring Boot 2.0.x and Spring Framework 5.0.x

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