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gopass CLI + UI = an awesome cross-platform password manager for teams
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Gopass UI logo

What is Gopass and Gopass UI?

Gopass is a rewrite of the pass password manager in Go with the aim of making it cross-platform and adding additional features – (Taken from Github)

The repository you're currently looking at contains Gopass UI, an Electron based UI wrapper for your gopass on the command line. It makes your life easier by providing a rich graphical user interface to search and manage your secrets. It looks like this:

GIF demonstrating core features of Gopass UI

In addition there is a globally usable search window that can be opened with (cmd || ctrl) + shift + p.

How can I use it?

Just download the latest packaged application from our releases and install it.

Currently we support binaries for MacOS, Windows and Linux (Deb, Rpm). Of course, you need to have Gopass up and running already. We also recommend you to use a dialog-based PIN-entry-tool for typing in your GPG passphrase like pinentry-mac for MacOS instead of using the default terminal-based.


Please report any issues and problems to us. We are very keen about your feedback and appreciate any help.


See how to get started with development here.


You'd like to help us? No problem. We are looking forward to your pull requests, issues and participation in discussion.

Jonas Verhoelen Matthias Rütten
Jonas Verhoelen Matthias Rütten



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