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Register of codecheckers for the community process
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Codecheckers Team

This repo collects all information about people conducting CODECHECKs as part of the CODECHECK community.

Find a codechecker

You can take a look at the codecheckers table, codecheckers.csv to find a suitable codechecker. GitHub even provides a nice search function for the file. If you have a good candidate, please check the codechecker is currently not busy with too many CODECHECKs already (see assigned issues in the CODECHECK register).

Alternatively, you can @-mention the codecheckers team in the issue for managing the codecheck and ask around for interested codecheckers by adding @codecheckers/codecheckers to an issue comment.

Finally, you can ask the author for recommendations, start a call on Twitter, et cetera.

Sign up

If you want to get involved as a codechecker, we need to run through the following steps:

  1. Codechecker (you!) opens an issue using this link (with an issue template)
  2. Community manager welcomes the new codechecker and makes sure all required information is there.
  3. Community manager adds the new codechecker to the Codecheckers Team
  4. Communtiy manager saves information in the "database" (close the issue with the commit)
  5. Close the sign-up issue.


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