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Sample Coverage Files







Coverage Payload

The coverage payload expected by Code Climate is defined canonically by schema.json in the root of this repository. Examples can be found in the examples folder.

Usage Agent

All uploads should occur with a user agent of:

TestReporter/{VERSION} (Code Climate, Inc.)

Server-Side Notes


  • We default run_at to when missing

  • We ignore committed_at when it's 0 (after to_i), apparently

    • No idea what downstream impact this case has, I know we at least rely on this in the Extension to know if results are still able to be rendered
  • We just skip reports if ci_service.pull_request != "false", so good thing no-one writes that?

  • environment doesn't seem required, and we store only the following keys:

    • :test_framework
    • :pwd
    • :rails_root
    • :simplecov_root
    • :gem_version
  • From ci_service we store the following keys:

    • :name
    • :build_url
    • :build_identifier
    • :pull_request
    • :branch
    • :commit_sha


Coverage Comparisons

Used for comparison and/or status update event payloads:

  • branch
  • commit_sha
  • committed_at
  • covered_percent

Rendering Coverage Info on

Unclear. It think only covered_percent is copied to snapshot (repo-totals) and constant (by source file) records.

Rendering Coverage Info on


Before Releasing

  • Ensure that you have AWS CLI installed
  • You'll also need to have GPG setup


To release a new version,

  • Update VERSION in Makefile
  • Update CHANGELOG
  • Run
      make release

This command will build the binaries for the given version and update the binaries for latest.