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We need client testing framework that is more thoroughly integrated with the /app code itself. Here's the gist of the plan:

  1. Create a /test/* view which takes the rest of the path and looks up the /app module in that path and runs those tests with the standard Jasmine test runner. /test simply runs all tests in /app (all modules that end with .spec).
  2. Set up brunch to include these spec files in app.js for development builds, but not for production builds.
  3. Add .spec files with Jasmine tests to /app itself, often paired with the class or module it tests (so there would be right next to Some existing tests can be grabbed from /test.
  4. Build common systems for replacing various resource grabbing systems with Jasmine spies, such as Backbone, PreloadJS and Firebase.
  5. Integrate with the Developer Tools Window, if available (so for any instance of a class, click a button to open a test window for its class).

These steps are in increasing importance. Just doing the first one so tests can be written for and viewed with the development server will go a long way toward covering the app with unit tests and better descriptions of how things work.

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