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Hello Archmages! Welcome to the developer wiki for CodeCombat. These documents are designed to give you everything you need to know, technical and non-technical, to dive into the project. If you see an opportunity to improve the docs, go ahead!


Contact Us

There are a variety of ways to get hack on CodeCombat related things. We have a developer chat room on Slack. Most people are in US Pacific Time (~GMT-8) but there are usually a few other players awake at other times.

The Discourse Forum is another useful place to get help. For more information check out the main chat page.

Starting Off

  1. Set up the Developer Environment.
  2. Make a small first commit such as adding tips to the loading screen or adding documentation.
  3. Check out the Cookbook for answering all your CodeCombat-specific coding questions.
  4. Check out the Good for Newbies Issues.
  5. Browse the wiki to learn something new!
  6. Fix bugs.
  7. Bring up new ideas in our Slack channel.
  8. Hack to the max!

Reading Material

Note! This material is for Backbone on the frontend. A migration to Vue is ongoing, and gradually code and this wiki will evolve to match. See Vue Migration for more details.

Frontend Development:
Backend Development:
Key Systems:
Game Engine:
Side Projects:
  • Treema, our general interface for editing JSON data with schemas.
  • Aether, our transpiler.


How do I learn Git?

Doing this quick course should get you up to speed with Git.

What are some larger projects I can do?

Here's our big project ideas list, which should give you some ideas about what you can contribute on.