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When you are creating levels from the level editor, you'll usually see a message that says Infinite loop detected, unable to load level. This guide will introduce you to debugging your own level from the level editor.


The first thing you do when getting out of the error message is by going to the console log of the browser.

  • Go open the console using Windows:CMD+Shift+J and Mac: CMD+ALT+J.
  • Check if there's any message like, Error: Unable to load thang.
  • If it's something related to cannot spawn thang type, then it's the referee code that's probably wrong. Check if there's actually the thang in the spawnable and buildable component of the referee.
  • This also happens when there is too many thangs. So try deleting some if you have over 50+ moving thangs.
  • Only have one hero in a level, if there's two heroes with some extra component, it'll return an error

Other ways

If you can't seem to debug, please feel free to ask for help on or and we'll help you!

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