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Goals are the way CodeCombat decides whether or not a level is completed. They are used by the achievement system to award completion as well because it is possible to beat a level without completing all the optional goals.

Structure of a Goal


This is what displays in the goal panel.


Be sure to include this field so translators can translate the goals.


A specific identification string to reference the goal programatically.

World Ends After

How long after the goal is completed to end the level.

How Many

How many times this goal needs to be satisfied to complete.


If this goal only appears after failure. Usually it is implied that the hero must survive, so it remains hidden until the hero dies.


This is to signify a goal as optional. If it isn't required to get the gems before escaping, the goal is optional.

Save Thangs

What Thangs to save. This can be a specific Thang ID or a whole team.

Get To Locations

Which locations specific Thangs need to get.

Code Problems

Whether or not code problems are allowed.

Leave Off Sides

If specific units need to escape off the sides of the map.

Lines of Code

Check if there is a limit on how many lines of code required.

Keep From Leaving Off Sides

Prevent certain units from leaving off the side of the map.


This is specifically for multi-player levels. Each side has their own victory goals, for example, a Human needs to slay all the Ogres and an Ogre needs to slay all the Humans. Each goal would be assigned to the individual team.

Get All To Locations

An expansion on how many need to get to a location.

Kill Thangs

A very basic goal. Usually killing all the Ogres on a map.

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