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HOWTO: Create static teacher page

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High-level Steps

  1. Name your page
  2. Create .jade page (HTML)
  3. Create .sass page (CSS)
  4. Create .coffee page (code)
  5. Add URL under
  6. Add teacher dashboard menu item

Quick notes:

  1. Don't worry about localization (i18n stuff)
  2. Indentation is important, always.
  3. Changes should be made to the main codecombat branch, in a new feature branch
  4. Assumes you have a working dev environment

1. Name your page (harder than it sounds)

Choose the name of your page wisely, and follow all our naming conventions.

Names chosen for this example:


2. Create .jade page (HTML)

Put your new HTML file here: app/templates/teachers/example-teacher-view.jade

File contents:

extends /templates/base-flat

block page_nav
  include ../courses/teacher-dashboard-nav.jade

block content

    h1.example_style Hi Mom!

3. Create .sass page (CSS)

Put your new CSS file here: app/styles/teachers/example-teacher-view.sass

File contents:

    background-color: fuchsia
    border: 10px dashed olive
    color: darkblue
    height: 500px
    font-size: 40px
    text-align: center

4. Create .coffee page (code)

Put your new code file here: app/views/teachers/

File contents:

RootView = require 'views/core/RootView'

module.exports = class ExampleTeacherView extends RootView
  id: 'example-teacher-view'
  template: require 'templates/teachers/example-teacher-view'

Replace the example names within the file with your own.

5. Add URL under

Open this file: app/core/

Add this entry to roughly line 153, alphabetized in the /teachers section. Remember that the directory should NOT have a forward slash before it.

'teachers/example': go('teachers/ExampleTeacherView')

6. Add teacher dashboard menu item (OPTIONAL)

Open this file: app/templates/courses/teacher-dashboard-nav.jade

li(class= path.indexOf('/teachers/example') === 0 ? 'active' : '')
    small.label Example


You should now be able to navigate to http://localhost:3000/teachers/example

Changed files in your local GitHub repository

14:29:00:~/GitHub/codecombat$ git status
On branch master
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
Changes to be committed:
  (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)

	modified:   app/core/
	new file:   app/styles/teachers/example-teacher-view.sass
	modified:   app/templates/courses/teacher-dashboard-nav.jade
	new file:   app/templates/teachers/example-teacher-view.jade
	new file:   app/views/teachers/

Now go submit a pull request for your awesomely static teacher page!

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