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How to add a MongoDB Index

Phoenix Eliot edited this page May 4, 2017 · 1 revision


You want to add a new index to MongoDB, so that you can query over that field quickly.


Add the index to the server Schema, and then get a CoCo Engineer to add the index to the production MongoDB manually. (Manually adding it ahead of time is preferable to doing it during deploy)


In server/models/(your model).schema, add the index. (Note: Mongoose makes indexes background: true by default here)

Eg: PrepaidSchema.index({'joiners.userID': 1}, {sparse: true})

Then, before deploying this code, ask a CodeCombat engineer to add the index. Make sure to add background: true to the options here. db.prepaids.createIndex({'joiners.userID': 1}, {sparse: true, background: true})


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