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Start a New Level

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How to Start a New Level

  1. Open the Level Editor (

  2. Click on "Create a New Level" in the top-right corner.

  3. Choose a name for your level (this can be changed later).

  4. Click "Create".

You now have a new level. Woot!

There are a few additional things you should generally do when you first create a level:

Generate Terrain

When you have a blank level, there should be a "Generate Terrain" button, which opens a terrain generator for each type of campaign (Dungeon, Desert, Forest, etc), as well as a "Small" and "Large" version of each.

This will get you started with some randomized floor tiles, and some scattered other terrain objects, which you can keep or remove.

Generally, you should use the "Small" size, unless you know you really need the larger size to make your level idea work. It's easier to add more floor tiles later than to remove them!

Add the Tasks List

If you want to make a level that can be released as part of the Code Combat campaign, you should go to the "Tasks" tab.

This will give you a list of tasks you should be sure to do while making your level to get it ready for release!

Save and Publish

Finally, save the first version of your level by clicking on the "Save" icon at the top-right.

This will pop up a list of all the changes you're saving. At the bottom, type in a short message about what you've changed (at this point, just say "new level" or something like that).

Be sure to check the "Publish" check box! This will make your level show up in the list of levels, but there are some cases where levels behave in strange ways before they've been published - so it's best to publish early and avoid headaches later.

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