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nb — Norwegian Bokmål

Place Names

Good place names are important to give the levels a sense of coherency and fluidity. Try to make up names that aren't just transliterations, but instead translate the words and find a good name that fits with the rest of the levels.

Original Translation Comments
Backwoods Forest Villnisskogen A rough patch of dense forest
Cloudrip Skybrudd "Skybrudd" means "a downpour of rain"
Cloudrip Mountain Skybruddfjellet Place name
Plainswood Flatskog
Kithgard Kithgård
Kithmaze Kith-labyrint
Thornbush Tornbusk I thought "Tornebusk" would be too close to the common word for "thorny bush". It's a name after all. —@mogsie
Thornbush farm Tornbuskgården

Programming concepts

Original Translation Comments
Array Vektor? or "array"? Wiktionary says "vektor" for Swedish. Wiki translates array to "Tabell"


Original Translation Comments
Ambush Bakholdsangrep
Buildables Byggbare ting "Ting som kan bygges" ?
Clan Stamme
Chieftain Høvding
Casts Kaste as in "casts a spell"
DPS SPS Damage → "Skade"
Dungeon Fangehull
Gem Juvel
Hero Helt
Ogre Troll "Uhyre"?
Spell Magisk formel or Trylleformel See discussion below
Thang Thang ??? Should we translate this to "Tang" like "ting og tang"?
Tharin Thunderfist Tharin Tordenneve (The Knight)

Hard to translate phrases

"to cast" has a direct translation "å kaste" which is a common phrase for throwing things.

"spell" has no direct translation, or at least the translations are loaded with positiveness or negativeness:

  • "forbanne" - curse
  • "fortrylle" - enchant
  • "forhekse" - bewitch
  • "formel" - formula
  • "magisk formel" - magic formula
  • "besvergelse" - ???
English Norwegian Translation Back
XX casts a YY spell on ZZ XX forhekser ZZ med forbannelsen YY XX bewitches ZZ with the curse YY
XX casts a YY spell on ZZ XX kaster den magiske formelen YY mot ZZ XX throws the magic formula YY towards ZZ
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