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Codecov Uploader

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To see how to use this uploader, please visit our documentation.

!!! The project requires npm v7. You can check which version you have via npm --version. If you need to update it, run npm install --global npm (you should only need to do this once).

  • The project requires Node.js v16
  • If nvm is installed, your node version should change to the development version the repository is set to automatically; nvm is by no means necessary, however
  1. Run npm install once you get in the repository and after every branch change, etc.
  • npm run test to run the tests
  • npm run build to verify the source code can be built

  • npm run build-linux to generate the final binary for use on Linux
  • npm run build-macos to generate the final binary for use on macOS
  • npm run build-windows to generate the final binary for use on Windows

Additionally, you can run the uploader without actually doing a full build via:

  • npm run build which generates the final JavaScript
  • node dist/bin/codecov.js

Steps to develop

  • make clean
  • make install
  • make build

Note: make build does not currently build the Windows binary until I confirm that a Windows binary build under Linux works. It also does not build the Alpine binary, as that needs to be build in an alpine container, using a static build of NodeJS. To build the Windows binary, run npm run build-windows

Binaries for Windows, MacOS, and Linux will be in the out/ directory.


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