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Code samples for the golang/Protobuf talk
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Golang / Java Protobuf Example

This repository contains the demonstration code for to talk at Golang Usergroup Aachen.


To be able to compile the Protobuf IDLs, please install the protobuf compiler and the protobuf-compiler-go using either the package management of your operating system or the binary distributions.


Both client and server use the language/framework tooling to compile the IDLs into golang/Java code. Thoretically, one could also use the CLI to trigger a manual compile, but I prefer to automate those things.

Building the Example

MQTT Server Docker Container

Client and server use an MQTT bus to talk to each other. The easiest way to spin up one is using the docker-compose recipe included in this repo.

cd mqtt
docker-compose up -d

Find out the IP address of the Container:

docker inspect mqtt_mosquitto_1 --format '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}'

Server (java)

Build the Server:

cd server
mvn install

You may want to modify the MQTT Server URI in the '''' file before.

Client (Golang)

Build the IDLs with ''go generate''. This executes all commands prefixed with ''go:generate'' in the go source files.

go generate src/

Build the go client:

cd client
go install

Run the applications

After the MQTT broker is up, just run client and server in any order you prefer. As soon as the the client received a message, it outputs the values from the telegram to stdout and computes a dirty moving average.

Running the client:

bin/sensorClient --mqtt.uri="tcp://(your broker ip):1883"

Expected output:

 Waiting for telegrams
 sensor name= Temperature-1  value= 18.4752119221718
 sensor name= Temperature-2  value= -98.2785151720906
 averageTemp  sensor=Temperature-1  value= 18.4752119221718
 averageTemp  sensor=Temperature-2  value= -98.2785151720906
 sensor name= Temperature-1  value= 99.48237286710673
 sensor name= Temperature-2  value= -10.1615692060797
 averageTemp  sensor=Temperature-1  value= 58.978792394639264
 averageTemp  sensor=Temperature-2  value= -54.22004218908515
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