REX-Ray provides a vendor agnostic storage orchestration engine.
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REX-Ray provides a vendor agnostic storage orchestration engine. The primary design goal is to provide persistent storage for Docker containers as well as Mesos frameworks and tasks.

It is additionally available as a Go package, CLI tool, and Linux service which enables it to be used for additional use cases.

Documentation Docs

You will find complete documentation for REX-Ray at, including licensing and support information. Documentation provided at RTD is based on the latest stable build. The /.docs directory in this repo will refer to the latest or specific commit.


REX-Ray is available as a standalone process today and in the future (0.4) additionally as a distributed model of client-server. The client performs a level abstraction of local host processes (request for volume attachment, discovery, format, and mounting of devices) while the server provides the necessary abstraction of the control plane for multiple storage platforms/

Storage Provider Support

The following storage providers and platforms are supported by REX-Ray.

Provider Storage Platform(s)
Dell EMC ScaleIO, Isilon
Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Media
Amazon EC2 EBS, EFS

Support for the following storage providers will be reintroduced in upcoming releases:

Provider Storage Platform(s)
Google Compute Engine Disk
Open Stack Cinder
Rackspace Cinder
Dell EMC XtremIO, VMAX

Operating System Support

The following operating systems (OS) are supported by REX-Ray:

OS Command Line Service
Ubuntu 12+ Yes Yes
Debian 6+ Yes Yes
RedHat Yes Yes
CentOS 6+ Yes Yes
CoreOS Yes Yes
TinyLinux (boot2docker) Yes Yes
OS X Yosemite+ Yes No
Windows No No


The following command will install the REX-Ray client-server tool. If using CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, or Debian the necessary service manager is used to bootstrap the process on startup.

curl -sSL | sh -

Runtime - CLI

REX-Ray can be ran as an interactive CLI to perform volume management capabilities.

$ export REXRAY_SERVICE=ebs
$ export EBS_ACCESSKEY=access_key
$ export EBS_SECRETKEY=secret_key
$ rexray volume ls
ID            Name  Status    Size
vol-6ac6c7d6        attached  8

Runtime - Service (Docker)

Additionally, it can be ran as a service to support Docker, Mesos, and other platforms that can communicate through HTTP/JSON.

$ export REXRAY_SERVICE=ebs
$ export EBS_ACCESSKEY=access_key
$ export EBS_SECRETKEY=secret_key
$ rexray service start
Starting REX-Ray...SUCCESS!

  The REX-Ray daemon is now running at PID XX. To
  shutdown the daemon execute the following command:

    sudo /usr/bin/rexray stop

$ docker run -ti --volume-driver=rexray -v test:/test busybox
$ df /test