A side-by-side comparison of Angular state management libraries
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One Framework - Two State Management Libraries

Here we have two Angular apps that are - from the end user's presepective - identical in every way.

But from the developer's prespective there is a world of difference. I'm not taking sides here - just want to give you a balanced side-by-side comparison of NGXS and NgRx.

Watch the video and read the article.


cd ngxs && npm i
cd ngrx && npm i

How do I compare the code footprint between projects? Here's a simple formula:

( {NgRx}.reducer.ts + {NgRx}.effects.ts ) ≈ {NGXS}.state.ts

Both projects have action classes defined in *.actions.ts files

Also, take a look at salad-page.component.ts to compare state selectors between libraries.


Webpack bundle analyzer

cd ngxs && npm run analyzer
cd ngrx && npm run analyzer