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Veronica is a simple wrapper around gm, allowing you to add webp support using cwebp.


You'll need to install these packages on your system:

sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick webp

Basic Usage

var Veronica = require('veronica'),
    veronica = new Veronica({temp: '/temp/folder', cache: '/temp/cache'}),
    resizeOptions = {
    	width: 400,
    	height: 400,
    	gravity: 'Center',
    	quality: 80,
    	type: 'webp'

// Resize the image and store it in the cache folder
veronica.getResizedImage('/path/to/original/image', resizeOptions, function(err, resizedPath) {
	// Do something with the path to the resized file

Webp on Debian Wheezy

Debian Wheezy still uses an ancient version of webp, which doesn't even support transparency. Because Wheezy also uses an old libc6 version, all the compiled binaries out there won't install. You'll need to compile it yourself.

But it's quite easy to do:

Make sure libgif-div is installed (needed for gif support), automake and libtool It'll install a few other packages, too, required for compiling

apt-get install libgif-dev automake libtool

Then clone the git repository

git clone

The last commit known to work is 9a463c4a516246edd705936c9c042ac492a2b56e Now configure it, and enable all the options

cd libwebp
./configure --enable-everything
make install

And finally: update the libraries


The binary you need to use will be available in /usr/local/bin/cwebp