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Europe Code Week website

The website was created with jekyll. It's a Ruby gem (library). To contribute:

  1. Make sure you have Ruby and Bundler installed.
  2. Fork the repository on GitHub by clicking the "Fork" button.
  3. Clone the repository to your computer.
  4. In the repository folder on your machine, run bundle install to have the project's dependencies installed.

After that, you can run the following command to preview locally the changes you make on the website:

jekyll serve --watch

Then open localhost:4000 and you should be able to see the site.

Test your changes locally, then push to your GitHub repo and send a Pull Request for review.

###How to become a registered ambassador:

Alessandro Bogliolo, who is the overall Code Week coordinator will update the shared Google sheet with the contact information, grant permissions to you on the events site, add you to the mailing list, and notify you;

You can then edit your profile specifying (at least) the country.

###How to take part in “CodeWeek4all challenge”:

###To edit the About page:

###To edit the CodeWeek4All page:

###To edit Privacy page:

###To edit Website Under Maintenance page:

###To add Resources:

Thank you for contributing.