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Replicated codelists interface builder

Build Status

Replicated codelists, useful for those using IATI data.

  • A script generates markdown files from the XML codelist files. It scrubs the docs/ folder and then copies in anything from the static/ folder, at the start of each run. So, don't make any changes inside the docs/ folder as they will be lost at the start of each build.
  • VuePress then builds a nice front end from the markdown files.

Installing and running

Clone the repository and then install:

pip install -r requirements.txt
yarn install


yarn run dev

You can also run the commands separately, if you would like to have VuePress refresh each time you rebuild the site:

yarn run preprocess


yarn run docs:dev

The page should be built based on your XML files in codelists/. Note that there are a couple of small changes to the existing XML files:

  • adding the name of the codelist in each language
  • adding a description in each language (though this is not used yet)


VuePress is quite nice, and I wanted to try doing everything in JavaScript, but perhaps it does make sense to stick with the existing Python scripts, and then either build with Sphinx, or have a second simple step which builds a VuePress site (which doesn't require any other scripts, as long as you have the config file and markdown files set up.

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