A 311 service request viewer built on the open311 api



Overall view:


City map view


311 is a common service in many cities to report non-emergency service requests. Broken streetlights, potholes, and graffiti are a few examples of reportable issues via 311.

Open311 is a specifcation for reporting and retrieving service requests via an API.

311 FM is the place where you can tune into your service requests anytime! You can find out what’s going on in your city based on Open311 service requests and view it any way you want to: on a map, in a table, just pictures, and even a compare view. The purpose is to give both the city and residents an easy to use tool to browse service requests in their city.

Build process

311fm uses grunt and Backbone Boilerplate, which uses Node.js for it's build process

To setup backbone boilerplate run:

npm install -g bbb

Then to start the development server:

bbb server


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