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@@ -36,8 +36,10 @@ <h3>Check out cities that are currently using it:</h3>
<div class="experiments" id="experiment-open311status">
- <img src="/assets/img/open311_status_screenshot.png" />
- <h2>Open311 Status</h2>
+ <a href="" target="_blank">
+ <img src="/assets/img/open311_status_screenshot.png" />
+ </a>
+ <a href="" target="_blank"><h2>Open311 Status</h2></a>
<p class="screenshot-tagline">Nationwide Open311 real-time availability and performance.</p>
<p class="screenshot-info">This site shows if Open311 APIs are down or have performance issues, and provides Public APIs uptime, comprehensiveness and citizen utilization.</p>
<ul class="unstyled">

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