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# CityGroups
# On the web: http://citygroups.org

CityGroups is a public directory of community groups for your city.

### What & Why

*Connecting community organizers with community groups to improve cities.*

In cities across the country, there is amazing work being
done by community organizers to mobilize their neighbors
and take on community problems.

CityGroups is a searchable public directory which allows 
community organizers and residents to find community 
groups so that they can work together. 

Like a wiki, city staffers and community members can 
contribute and retrieve the data in the system. The goal
is to promote and assist smaller, less-visible groups who
do important work but require modern tools to publicize it. 
CityGroups will help them work together and work better.

### Installation
CityGroups is built with Drupal. CityGroups is an install profile.
"Data-Wiki" is the backend & is a collaborative data collection platform.

### Requirements
LAMP stack (or MAMP, XAMP etc.)
MYSQL database

1. Create your database in MYSQL.
2. Download DataWiki codebase.
(You can either download and unzip it, or clone it from github
if you have git installed on your server.)
3. The DataWiki codebase goes in your web server.
4. Visit the path of your server. You should be able to install it.
Depending how you do your settings.php, you may need to visit

You install this like you would any normal Drupal site, except that
you will select "CityGroups" as the Install Profile on the install page.

5. Follow the prompts.

### Development
The project is under active development this summer and yes, if you would like
this in your city, drop us a line. 

### Github

Instructions are hosted here:
* https://github.com/codeforamerica/CityGroups

Codebase is hosted here:
* https://github.com/codeforamerica/Data-Wiki  

chacha @ codeforamerica dot org.