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import urllib
import json
class NoArgumentsException(Exception):
def __str__(self):
return "No arguments were found."
class BadJSONException(Exception):
def __str__(self):
return "The returned JSON was invalid."
class NonexistentStyleException(Exception):
def __str__(self):
return "The requested API style was invalid."
class MustBeOrderedException(Exception):
def __str__(self):
return "The arguments you pass to the SBA API must be ordered."
# Perform requests to generic APIs.
PHP_STYLE = 0 # &x=1&y=2
class BaseAPIRequest:
def __init__(self, url):
self.url = url
if self.url.startswith("") or self.url.startswith(""):
self.api_style = SBA_WEIRD_STYLE
self.api_style = PHP_STYLE
def __format_url_php_style(self, *ordered_args, **args):
Format the url with the arguments in PHP style. That is,
if args is None: raise NoArgumentsException
args["format"] = "json" #Ask for JSON formatted response
append = ""
for arg in args: append += str(arg) + "=" + str(args[arg]) + "&"
append = append[:-1] #Take off last '&'
self.formatted_url = self.url + "?" + append
def __format_url_weird_style(self, *ordered_args, **args):
Format the url with the arguments in the weird style given by SBA.
append = ""
for arg in ordered_args: append += str(arg) + "/"
append = append[:-1] #Take off last '/'
self.formatted_url = self.url + append + ".json"
# Formats a URL with the provided keyword arguments.
def format_url(self, *ordered_args, **args):
if self.api_style == PHP_STYLE:
self.__format_url_php_style(*ordered_args, **args)
elif self.api_style == SBA_WEIRD_STYLE:
print ordered_args
print args
if len(args) != 0:
raise MustBeOrderedException # MUST be ordered.
raise NonexistentStyleException
# Requests the API and returns the JSON object.
def request(self, *ordered_args, **args):
self.format_url(*ordered_args, **args)
#print self.formatted_url
t = urllib.urlopen(self.formatted_url).read().strip()
if t.startswith("callback("):
print self.formatted_url
return json.loads(t)
raise BadJSONException
return None
class GenericAPI:
Parameters: APIS, a list of tuples of form (FUNCTIONNAME, LINK).
Creates functions of name FUNCTIONNAME that perform an API call to LINK
when called, giving back the response as JSON.
Returns: Nothing
def __init__(self, apis):
self.api_objects = []
self.api_functions = []
self.functions = []
# Who writes normal functions when you can use CLOSURES?!?
number = 0
# Bind each function to the class.
for api in apis:
setattr(self, api[0], self.api_functions[number])
number += 1
# Creates a function on the current class.
def bind_closure(self, number):
def generic_api_call(*ordered_args, **kwargs):
self.api_objects[number].format_url(*ordered_args, **kwargs)
return self.api_objects[number].request(*ordered_args, **kwargs)