Simple script to generate a report on an organization’s Github repositories.
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Repository Observer

Simple script to generate a report on an organization’s Github repositories.

There are two functions in that operate on a decoded JSON representation of a repository from Github’s API:


Returns True for a current repo, False otherwise. Current repositories were created after a cutoff date, or updated recently.


Returns (boolean, string, list) tuple for a repository readme.

First element will be True for a compliant repo, False otherwise. Second element will be a commit hash for the repository or None. Third element will be a list of strings with reasons for failure. Compliant repositories have a valid README file.


This is a python script that relies on a few external packages listed in requirements.txt. Install them with pip or run make to create a virtual environment with installed dependencies.


Running locally, writing to local HTML output:

python --help
python -u <github username> -p <github password> -o <github organization> output.html

Deploying to Heroku, with four required environment variables configured and a correct remote set up from Git:

heroku config:set GITHUB_USERNAME=<github account username> \
                  GITHUB_PASSWORD=<github account password> \
                  AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<amazon access key> \
                  AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<amazon secret key>

git push heroku master


Outputs a list of organization repositories with “pass” or “fail” flags.