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Map of transit (bus) system in Macon, Georgia using Tilemill
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These are the style and data files that make up the transit map built for Macon, Georgia during its 2012 Code for America partnership. The Macon Transit Athority now uses it on their website.

You can also view a large version here. You can view a medium-sized version with a fun CSS legend here. So many options.


We <3 Open Source

Everything we do is open source, so take it and use it! If you have a city that is exactly like Macon - same streets, same boundaries, same bus routes - you'll find this very useful! If not, it may still be useful to check out how it was styled.


If you have more questions - let jllord know.

Also, the extra javascript and bus-times awesomeness that Nick made for the final map on the City's website is on this repo.

The slides from my talk at State of the Map US in 2012 are in this repo.

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