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Code for America's Annual Report
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2014 Annual Report

This branch holds the code that powers the 2014 Code for America Annual Report. This is in alpha development phase. We will be breaking things frequently. Don't fork this unless you want to have bad stuff happen.

This version pulls all data out of a Google Sheet and builds it into HTML.

Past annual reports

We built our annual report differently in the past. To see old versions of the report source code, you can visit these tags:

What it's built on

This is currently built using the following technologies:

  • Node - To download and cache the Google Sheet data, and to build our pages and serve our HTML
  • Express - For routing, and render dynamic data server-side
  • SASS - To process SCSS and build our CSS

Deploy it locally

Core dependencies:

git clone
cd annual
npm install
node app.js

Then open your web browser of choice and head over to http://localhost:3000.

To start pulling from a different Google Sheet, you'll need to edit getData.js and change the Google Sheet URL. More to come on this later.

In the future

  • Create a way to "make your own story" - submit your own story card
  • Create a super simple path to Fork this, copy the Google Sheet, and start generating your own Annual Report
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