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[UNMAINTAINED] This repository is not actively maintained, and issues, pull requests, and security warnings are not regularly reviewed or responded to. Any use of this repository is at your own risk, though you're always welcome to try filing an issue/PR on the off chance someone might see it! :-)

Note: This repo was the basis for a site launched in the City of Long Beach in 2016. While the City maintains (as of 2019-09-14) a similar site based on this codebase, this codebase is no longer under development, and is entirely separate from the codebase used in production by the city.

BizPort Business Portal

BizPort is an open-source codebase that you can use to set up a business portal in any city. It was originally built for the City of Long Beach, California. You can visit their live version at

If you're a city staff member or strategist that wants to redeploy the site in your city, have a look at the guide to redeployment.

If you're a developer trying to set up BizPort on your own laptop or in production, check out the developer docs.

If you're a content editor learning how to edit copy in the content management system (CMS), the content editing docs are a great place to start.

BizPort is open source under the MIT License, which you are encouraged to read in its entirety here.