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Planning Project for Brigade Project Index 2019
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Project Intro/Objective

The Brigade Project Index is designed to create a searchable repository of projects, current and past, create within the Code for America brigade network. We want to empower projects to find volunteers, volunteers to provide valuable contributions to projects, governments to leverage successful proejcts, brigades to foster success, and much more; through awareness of and connections to the work happening across the nation.

Contributing Members

Andrew Natoli, Open Charlotte Brigade,, @Andrew Natoli Alison Lawyer, OpenOakland,, @alison Bonnie Wolfe, Hack for LA,,, @Bonnie Wolfe Colin King-Bailey, Open Oakland,, @ckingbailey Greg Boyer, Code for SF,, @Gregory Boyer Nikolaj Baer, Open San Diego,, @Nikolaj Baer Maile Malin, Hack for LA,, @maile Tom Dooner, Open Oakland, CfA,, @tdooner

Getting Involved

  1. Review the Google Drive for meeting agendas and notes:

  2. Join the Slack that we use as primary means of communication: #brigade-project-index

  3. Review Github where we track pieces of work and have specific discussions:

  4. Get invited to the meeting! Every 2 weeks, Sunday at 6pm. After reviewing the onboarding document, drop a request in the slack channel to be included.

  5. For more context, feel free to read through the discourse topic that outlines much of the historical work done around this project: (

Technologies Used

Project Description

Guiding Principles

Needs of this project


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