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brigade-project-index loader

This branch contains the tooling for automatically populating and updating the cfapi/orgs/v1 and index/v1 branches.

Running automatically

The loader gets run automatically every hour and on push to the loader or master branches via the GitHub Actions workflow defined in .github/workflows/loader.yml on the master branch.

A history of runs can be accessed under the Actions section of the brigade-project-index repository.

Automated runs make use of the brigade-bot GitHub user to make commits, using a Personal Access Token issued under that account and stored under the secret BOT_GITHUB_TOKEN for authentication.

Running locally

With node v12+ installed:

node run.js --all --commit-to=index/v1 --commit-orgs-to=cfapi/orgs/v1

To avoid hitting GitHub's API rate limits easily, generate a Personal Access Token and provide it via the environment:

export GITHUB_ACTOR="my-username"
export GITHUB_TOKEN="my-personal-access-token"

To see all available options:

node run.js --help

Debugging with Visual Studio Code

This branch include configuration under .vscode/ for running the loader and debugging it interactively.

The "Import projects" launcher will prompt for your GitHub credentials, but won't remember them for you between runs. To make this less annoying:

  • Use the restart button while debugging whenever you can, it will re-run the code with whatever changes you've saved without re-prompting for inputs
  • Paste your settings into the blank defaults within .vscode/launch.json and don't commit them
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