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Atlanta's official court website.
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This is the website for the Municipal Court of Atlanta, built in partnership with Code for America. In addition to basic court information, it offers advanced search and SMS abilities, powered by courtbot.

If you have ideas to make it better, please file an issue or make a pull request. The court always welcomes citizen input!

Editing the Court Website

The site is powered by Github Pages and the easiest way to edit it is by using In detail:

  1. If needed, create a Github account and have Ryan Shepard add you to the organization.
  2. Go to and login with your account.
  3. Click this link to jump directly to the court editing interace.
  4. Click any page to begin editing.
  5. Make your changes. The text is written in a shorthand called markdown. Refer to this cheatsheet for additional information.
  6. Click the floppy-disk save icon on the right side, then commit.

That’s it! You’ve modified the court website.

Getting Statistics on Usage

To get statistics on how many people are using the site, head to Google Analytics. If you need access, contact Ryan Shepard.

The text feature is powered by Twilio, and you can get a detailed breakdown of it’s usage by going to these links:

The second link also offers the ability to download a log of previously sent messages.

Run This Website On Your Computer

This project is run by the static site generator Jekyll. Jekyll generates and serves the content as a website.

Before you get started make sure you have an up-to-date version of Ruby installed.

To install Jekyll run:

gem install jekyll

Fork and clone the repo:

git clone

Run Jekyll:

jekyll serve --watch
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