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private or public group text messaging and push notifications rubygem
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pkg version 0.0.4 Apr 6, 2011
spec fixing tests, moving from number into message method Apr 7, 2011
.rspec switching to a gem, adding resque Apr 4, 2011
.rvmrc switching to a gem, adding resque Apr 5, 2011
tropo_script_flocky.rb fix tropo flocky script to use correct caller id Apr 7, 2011

Flocky - open source group messaging

Work in progress! More docs later

This is a RubyGem that facilitates group text message using Tropo and Resque. This project exists to make it easy to deploy your own private group messaging service.


require 'flocky'
flocky = "your_tropo_sms_number", "your_tropo_outbound_sms_token"

# queue up a message
flocky.message "yo dog", "(123) 456-7890"

# queue up a message to a bunch of numbers
flocky.message "hay you guys", ["(123) 456-7890", "+44 4565-127890", "1234567890"]

# process queue; send messages
rake jobs:work

# ===============

# or, don't use Resque
flocky = "number", "token", :queue => false

# synchronously sends message
flocky.message "yo dog", "1234567890"
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