Preview your Github-hosted websites before making them live.
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Git-Jekyll Preview

Preview your Github-hosted websites before making them live. Use it to check your plain static or Jekyll-generated websites before you make them live to Github Pages or to your own server.

Try it live at

Status, Contact

Git-Jekyll Preview is mostly a singleton-app, built only to be run at a single location. For the time being, it's not intended for general redeployment but improvements for are welcomed.

Michal Migurski is currently maintainer.


Git-Jekyll Preview is intended to be run on its own Ubuntu server, and will not currently work on a managed system like Heroku. Installation dependencies are managed by Chef. It should be possible to install Chef and run all required recipes with the script Note the world-writeable directories created in chef/directories.

The application is a Flask-based Python server which shells out to Git for interaction with Github. OAuth is used for authentication; put your client ID and secret in

To run for testing:


To run in production, with Gunicorn:

gunicorn make-it-so:app