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$ rake db:create
$ rake db:migrate
+To setup some example data:
+ $ rake db:seed
## Setting up Searchify
We use the [Searchify]( heroku addon to power the search index for honolulu answers. In order to use this in development you can either run a copy of Indextank (which is what searchify is built on) or add the searchify addon to a heroku app, and copy the provided search api endpoint to your .env file.
-### Other stuff
+### Configuration
+Honolulu Answers uses Environment variables for configuration. It expects `SEARCHIFY_API_URL` to be set to the searchify endpoint (which can be retrived from `heroku config` once searchify is an addon for your app)
+`foreman` is a great tool for checking your Procfile used for heroku, and running your application locally. When running `foreman start` this will load enivronment variables from `.env` if that file is found.
+Included in this project is an example of what the `.env` file should include. In order to use this make a copy and replace the values appropriate values for your setup.
+ $ cp .env.sample .env
+Now edit `.env` to set the correct url to the searchify endpoint.
+Also included `config/dblogin.yml.sample` copy this file too
+ $ cp config/dblogin.yml.sample config/dblogin.yml
+Now if you need to set login credentials for your database that that are different then the default, you can do it in `config/dblogin.yml`
+Both `config/dblogin.yml` and `.env` are added to the `.gitignore` so changes should not be committed, dont commit passwords :)
-A .env.sample file is include in the project, as well as a config/dblogin.yml.sample cp both of these to remove .sample, and edit the settings to match your configuration.
## Usage
$ rails s
-With Foreman:
+With Foreman (used to load .env):
$ foreman start
@@ -81,6 +101,11 @@ bug report should include a pull request with failing specs.
version file. (If you want to create your own version for some reason,
please do so in a separate commit.)
+## Roadmap
+* Support other search indexes backends/services (perhaps just fulltext search in DB as a fallback)
+* A comprehensive admin component
+* Results tailored to current location
## Supported Ruby Versions
This library aims to support and is [tested against][travis] the following Ruby

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