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Jail Population Management Dashboard Data Sources

  1. From the Jail Management System or other internal data sources
  2. Variables Configured in the Application
  3. From Data Sources Maintained by Stakeholders

From the Jail Management System or other internal data sources

Scheduled Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) scripts collect the data below from flat files exported from the agency's JMS database, multiple times every day. Data for historical visualizations is generated and stored on import. Historical data for visualizations can be backfilled by exporting JMS data with appropriate date ranges.

Sample proposed data formats for this data are available in CSV, JSON, and XML formats.

  1. People
  2. Bookings
  3. Charges


Individual records for people who are or have been in jail. This is relatively static data that is unlikely to change as time passes or bookings are associated to a person. We've included baseline data here, but other characteristics such as education, occupation, language spoken, or military service status could be included if desired.

Variable Name Description Example
jms_person_id the JMS Person ID AB124589
first_name First name MATTHEW
middle_name Middle name ALAN
last_name Last name SIMON
date_of_birth Birth date 1970-03-21T00:00:00-04:00
gender Gender MALE
race Race WHITE


Individual booking records for people in jail. A person may have many bookings, and we are allowing for the possiblity of different Inmate Numbers, Facility Names, Cell IDs, and Statuses across different bookings for the same individual.

Variable Name Description Example
jms_booking_id the JMS Booking ID 201531837
person_id Associated JMS Person ID AB124589
booking_date_time Date booked 2016-02-21T07:00:00-04:00
release_date_time Date released 2016-03-02T07:00:00-04:00
inmate_number Inmate Number 00948870
facility_name Facility Name MAIN JAIL COMPLEX
cell_id Cell ID 4N1
status Status (may be derived from other variables) PRE-TRIAL


A person who has been booked can have multiple charges.

Variable Name Description Example
jms_charge_id the JMS Charge ID 98-1234-QQ
booking_id Associated JMS Booking ID 201531837
code Charge code 38010
category Charge category MISDEMEANOR
court_case_number Court case number 13-M-006975
bond_amount Bond amount 500.00

Variables Configured in the Application

This data–along with other site-specific data like facility descriptions, images, and contact information–will be editable by authorized users in the application's admin interface.

  1. Jail Capacity Limits

Jail Capacity Limits

These numbers are used for facility population visualizations, to see when certain thresholds are passed.

Variable Name Description Example
MAX_BEDS Maximum number of beds available 2168
SOFT_CAP Soft cap on jail population 2300
RED_ZONE_START Start of the 'red zone' for jail population 2420
RED_ZONE_END End of the 'red zone' for jail population 2480
HARD_CAP Hard cap on jail population 2480
MAX_JAIL_POPULATION Maximum supportable jail population 2600

From Data Sources Maintained by Stakeholders

The dashboard may also display non-jail program information, which is maintained by program managers or other stakeholders. This data may be stored in an external location, such as a Google spreadsheet, or editable in the application's admin interface.

  1. Non-Jail Program Details
  2. Non-Jail Program Populations
  3. Non-Jail Program Capacities

Non-Jail Program Details

In-depth descriptions of non-jail programs, including contact information.

Variable Name Description Example
name Name Home Incarceration Program
id Program ID home-incarceration-program
abbreviation Abbreviation HIP
description Description An alternative to jail incarceration which allows court-ordered individuals to serve their sentence at home while being electronically monitored. An offender in the HIP Program is required to wear a monitoring device and follow all rules and regulations of the program. A person serving a sentence on HIP is responsible for all costs related to food, housing, clothing and medical care.
target_population Target population Determined by the sentencing court. HIP population typically includes pretrial offenders (34% of HIP population is pretrial felony and 5% is pretrial misdemeanor) along with sentenced offenders (18% of HIP population is sentenced felony and 43% is sentenced misdemeanor); top offense categories typically include DUI, assault, theft, robbery, burglary, controlled substances, non-support and contempt.
outcomes_recidivism Outcomes/Recidivism XMDC review in 2008 found an estimated 77% compliance rate; 2011 Jail Trend Analysis found HIP had lower re-arrest rates within 24-mos. of release than jail or work release; XMDC review in 2011 found 19% violation rate (HIP violation used as key indicator)
participation_requirements Participation requirements Land-line or cellular phone; alcohol and drug testing; curfews; service fees; in-person reporting; employed or seeking employment.
history Program history Originally initiated in December 1986 through a private contract as the County Home Arrest Monitoring Program (CHAMP). In June 1988, operation of the program was assumed by the county and the name was changed to the Home Incarceration Program.
eligibility_criteria Eligibility criteria Felony and misdemeanor offenses; pretrial status or sentenced
operating_agency Operating agency XMDC
funding Funding XMDC budget
services Services offered Court-ordered community treatment.
risk_needs_assessment Risk/Needs assessment Needs assessment performed during orientation phase of program.
contact_name Contact name Jane Smith
contact_email Contact email address
contact_phone Contact phone number 555-555-5555
photos Photos of the program or facility (a list of photo URLs) hip-1.jpg,hip-2.jpg,hip-3.jpg

Non-Jail Program Populations

The current populations of non-jail programs.

Variable Name Description Example
program_id Program ID home-incarceration-program
population Population 522
as_of Date updated 2016-05-04

Non-Jail Program Capacities

The current capacities of non-jail programs.

Variable Name Description Example
program_id Program ID home-incarceration-program
capacity Capacity 700
as_of Date updated 2015-03-01
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