[MDC Fellowship 2015] Send feedback when they've received a new inspection.
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Allows users to give customer service feedback to inspectors after recent inspections.


Pre-Alpha. This was a stretch goal of the Fellows Team with the expectation to complete this by the Miami-Dade County Communications Group, with possible assistance from Code for Miami, the local volunteer brigade.

Who Built This?

Ernie Hsiung of the 2015 Miami-Dade Fellows Team and Ben Golder of the 2015 RVA Fellows Team. Additional input from Mathias Gibson, Michael Sarasti (Miami-Dade County) and Christa Erml-Martinez (Miami-Dade County).


User interface which allows users to enter a Miami-Dade County permit number and an e-mail address or a phone number, sending a customer experience survey to users when an inspection has been completed.

At regular intervals we will check the Miami-Dade County inspection routes and results tables, a copy of which is available on the Miami-Dade Open Data portal. If there is a match between a registered permit number and a recent inspection, a customizable survey about the users experiences with the inspector will be sent via e-mail or SMS.

The Typeform.IO generated survey hits a webhook on the codeforamerica/mdc-inspectors-dashboard repo when the survey is completed, and stakeholders and the public can view the dashboard there for results.

To Do

  • [ ] Generate the SMS message using Twilio.
  • [ ] Build the mail script

Third-Party Platforms used

  • Typeform.IO: To build dynamic, customizable surveys
  • Sendgrid: The mail platform in the production environment. For development purposes we will be using Google Mail.
  • Twilio: The hope is that to build the SMS component we will use the Twilio platform to send text messages.


First, set your app's secret key as an environment variable. For example, example add the following to .bashrc or .bash_profile.

export INSPECTORS_SECRET='something-really-secret'

Then run the following commands to bootstrap your environment.

git clone https://github.com/ErnieAtLYD/inspectors
cd inspectors
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
python manage.py server

You will see a pretty welcome screen.

Once you have installed your DBMS, run the following to create your app's database tables and perform the initial migration:

python manage.py db init
python manage.py db migrate
python manage.py db upgrade
python manage.py server


In your production environment, make sure the INSPECTORS_ENV environment variable is set to "prod".


To open the interactive shell, run

python manage.py shell

By default, you will have access to app, db, and the User model.

Running Tests

To run all tests, run

python manage.py test


Whenever a database migration needs to be made. Run the following commands:

python manage.py db migrate

This will generate a new migration script. Then run:

python manage.py db upgrade

To apply the migration.

For a full migration command reference, run python manage.py db --help.