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@@ -239,22 +239,49 @@ Making our web page fluid can help reduce the amount of `div` elements
we'll have to use in order to achieve the desired effect of having
full-screen backgrounds.
+We could actually turn our meta markup into actual markup:
+<section class="red container-fluid">
+ <div class="row-fluid">
+ <div class="span6">
+ <p>Lorem ipsum text.</p>
+ </div>
+ <div class="span6">
+ <img src="" />
+ </div>
+ </div>
+Creating our website using `container-fluid` and `row-fluid` classes
+allows our sections and columns to resize, well, fluidly. Check it out
+[in your browser](http://localhost:5555) with the following styles:
+```css {
+ background: red;
### Regular
-Couldn't that `container` just be the `section`? **Nope**. Notice how the
-color covers the entire page width in the picture? `Containers` aren't
-allowed to be the full width of the page -- in fact, they help constrain
-the content when it comes to our page being responsive.
+If we don't use the `container-fluid` and `row-fluid` classes, this
+causes our markup to resize in more of a "snapping" motion -- which you
+might like or hate. In order to achieve this, you will have to add more
+`div` elements, though.
-So, the updated meta level should look like:
+Remember how the `container` class double with the `section` element? If
+we code our markup without the `fluid` classes, that can no longer
+happen -- which results in meta HTML that looks like this:
├── red
   └── container
   └── row
-    └── column
+    └── column6
   └── text
-    └── column
+    └── column6
   └── image

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