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# Homeroom: A Student Roster Generator for Somerville

## Overview
Create a roster of students that can be grouped in different ways, including by home-room, by section, by sub-group (e.g. low-income students), and by risk. The student risks are assigned according to a formula using MCAS and other assessments. Teachers, building level administrators, and district administrators can use this roster to see patterns in their classroom and craft specific interventions to support their students.

## Function
This app takes sample student data from Excel as input. (At present from Excel, maybe more automated in the future.) It uses that data to create a roster view that can sort students into groups based on:

* Home room
* Risk factors
* Demographics
* Could users select which fields they want included on the view?

## Share
* __Printable PDFs__: Can be exported of any view for teachers to print out and use at data meetings.

## User stories
As an admin I want to generate reports based on home rooms so that I can see the students at risk in that selected room.

## Future phases
This app could grow in several different ways.
* __Sub-views__: Create sub-views with more limited and focused access to data. These sub-views could be made available to others within the school community, including parents and students.
* __After-school__: Incorporate data about after-school programs.
* __Interventions__: Allow teachers to add interventions to the system and track how they impact student progress. (This is a top priority.)
* __Unique URLs__: Can be generated to be viewed online at a later time by users with access.

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