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YenTheFirst committed Jun 14, 2011
1 parent 28ac88d commit dfed2884a0ff31d5ae0a979a6f2f597b2cfb9186
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@@ -0,0 +1,140 @@
+9104,1,Philadelphia Park To 54th & City Av,3,
+9105,10,Overbrook to Center City ,0,
+9211,101,69th St - Media,0,
+9213,102,69th St to Sharon Hill,0,
+9240,103,69th St Term to Ardmore,3,
+9215,104,69th St Term to W Chester Univ,3,
+9241,105,69th St Term to Paoli ,3,
+9242,106,69th St Term to Ardmore,3,
+9218,107,69th St Term to Lawrence Pk,3,
+9571,108,69th St-Elmwood-Airport-UPS ,3,
+9219,108,69th St-Elmwood-Airport-UPS ,3,
+9220,109,69th St Term to Chester TC,3,
+9107,11,Darby To Center City ,0,
+9221,110,69th St Term to Penn State,3,
+9222,111,69th St Term to Chadds Ford ,3,
+9223,112,69th St Term to DCCC ,3,
+9224,113,69th St Term to Tri State Mall,3,
+9225,114,Darby TC to Granite Run Mall,3,
+9226,115,Airport to Ardmore,3,
+9227,116,69th St Term to USPS,3,
+9228,117,I-95 Ind Pk to Penn State,3,
+9229,118,Chester TC to Newtown Square,3,
+9230,119,Harrah's to Cheyney University,3,
+9108,12,Kingsessing to Society Hill ,3,
+9231,120,69th St Term to Cheyney University,3,
+9232,123,69th St Term-King of Prussia ,3,
+9101,124,Philadelphia to Chesterbrook ,3,
+9233,125,Philadelphia to Valley Forge,3,
+8881,127,Neshaminy Mall to Trenton TC,3,
+8882,128,Oxford Valley Mall-Neshaminy Mall,3,
+8883,129,Oxford Valley Mall to Morrell Park,3,
+9109,13,Yeadon-Darby To Center City ,0,
+8884,130,Franklin Mills Mall to BCCC,3,
+8885,131,Norristown TC to Audubon,3,
+8886,132,Montgomery Mall to Telford,3,
+8887,134,Chestnut Hill to Montgomery Mall,3,
+8888,139,King of Prussia-Phila Prem Outlets,3,
+9110,14,Oxford Valley and Neshaminy to FTC,3,
+9256,15,Port Richmond To Haddington,0,
+8889,150,Plymouth Mtg Mall to PARX Casino,3,
+9112,17,South Phila to Penn's Landing ,3,
+9113,18,Cedarbrook To Lawndale and Fox Chas,3,
+9114,19,Krewstown & Trrsdale Station to FTC,3,
+9115,2,Nicetown To S. Phila via 16th &17th,3,
+9116,20,Franklin Mills Mall to FTC,3,
+8890,201,Ft Wash Sta to Ft Wash Office Park ,3,
+9260,204,Paoli Station to Eagleview,3,
+9261,205,Paoli Sta to Phoenixville,3,
+9244,206,Paoli Station to Great Valley,3,
+9118,21,69th St Terminal To Penn's Landing,3,
+9120,22,Warminster & Willow Grove to OTC,3,
+9121,23,Chestnut Hill to South Phila ,3,
+9122,24,Southampton to FTC via Fox Chase,3,
+9123,25,Columbus Commons to FTC ,3,
+9124,26,Germantown to Olney and FTC ,3,
+9125,27,Plymouth Meeting Mall to Ctr. City,3,
+9126,28,Tacony to FTC via Rhawn Street,3,
+9127,29,South Phila Crosstown via Task-Morr,3,
+9128,3,Strawberry Mansion to FTC,3,
+9129,30,69th St Term To 30th St Station/U.C,3,
+8892,304,Morrell Park to Bristol,3,
+9262,306,West Chester to Great Valley,3,
+9130,31,Overbrook Park To Center City,3,
+9263,310,Horsham Breeze ,3,
+9264,312,Cornwells Heights Park Lot Shuttle,3,
+9265,314,West Chester to Goshen Corp Park,3,
+9131,32,Roxborough to Center City,3,
+9132,33,Tioga To Penn's Landing,3,
+9134,34,Angora To Center City ,0,
+9135,35,Manayunk- Roxborough Loop,3,
+9136,36,Eastwick To Center City ,0,
+9137,37,South Phila to Eastwk & CTC Via PIA,3,
+9138,38,Independ MallTo Wissah Trans. Ctr,3,
+9139,39,Strawberry Mansion to Kensington,3,
+9140,40,West Park To Society Hill,3,
+9141,42,Wycombe/West Phila. To Penn's Land.,3,
+9142,43,Parkside To Northern Liberty & Kens,3,
+9143,44,Ardmore & Gladwyne To Indepen Mall ,3,
+9144,46,Overbrook To Angora,3,
+9145,47,Olney to South Phila,3,
+9146,47M,South Phila to 7th & Spring Garden ,3,
+9147,48,North Phila. To Penn's Landing,3,
+9148,5,Penn's Landing to FTC via Frankford,3,
+9149,50,Phila Park to FTC via Roosevelt Blv,3,
+9150,52,Wynn/Bala To Kingsessing Via 52nd ,3,
+9151,53,West Mt Airy to Hunting Park,3,
+9152,54,Port Richmond To Strawberry Mansion,3,
+9238,55,Doylestown/Willow Grove to OTC,3,
+9154,56,Tacony To Nicetown,3,
+9155,57,South Phila to Fern Rock Trans Cent,3,
+9156,58,Somerton & Neshaminy Mall to FTC,3,
+9157,59,Bells Corner to Arrot Terminal,3,
+9158,6,West Oak Lane To Olney Transit Ctr,3,
+9159,60,Port Richmond To East Falls,3,
+9160,61,Roxborough & Manayunk to Center Cty,3,
+9162,62,"Andorra, Rox & Manayunk to Cntr/Cty",3,
+9163,64,Parkside to Pier 70 via Washington,3,
+9164,65,69th Street Terminal To Germantown,3,
+9165,66,Morrell Park to FTC via Frankford,3,
+9166,67,Frank Mills Mall & Bustleton to FTC,3,
+9167,68,South Phila to UPS ,3,
+9168,7,Strawberry Mansion to Pier 70,3,
+9169,70,Torresdale & Tacony to FRTC ,3,
+9170,71,Pattison Station to The Navy Yard,3,
+9171,73,Port Richmond to FTC via Bridge,3,
+9172,75,Nicetown to Arrott Terminal ,3,
+9173,77,Chestnut Hill/Jenkintown to NE Phil,3,
+9174,78,Cornwells Hts Exp,3,
+9175,79,South Phila Crosstown via Snyder Av,3,
+9176,8,Olney Tranportation Center to FTC,3,
+9177,80,Olney Transit Center to Horsham,3,
+9178,84,Somerton & Frankl Mills Mall to FTC,3,
+9179,88,Bethayres & Pennypack Woods to FTC,3,
+9181,89,Arrott Terminal to Kensington,3,
+9182,9,Andorra To Ctr. City & Indepen Mall,3,
+8893,90,Norristown TC to Plymouth Mtg Mall,3,
+8894,91,Norristown TC to Graterford,3,
+8895,92,King of Prussia to West Chester,3,
+9038,93,Norristown TC to Pottstown,3,
+8897,94,Chestnut Hill to Montgomery Mall,3,
+8898,95,Plymouth Mtg Mall to Swedeland,3,
+8899,96,Norristown TC to Lansdale,3,
+9099,97,Norristown TC to Chestnut Hill ,3,
+8901,98,Norristown TC to Willow Grove,3,
+8902,99,Norristown TC to Phoenixville,3,
+9185,BSO,Midnight-5am Service (Bus) for BSL,3,
+9209,BSS,Broad Street Line,1,
+9186,C,Centr City & Sou Phil to FRTC&WOakL,3,
+9187,G,South Phila to Overbrook & Lank MC,3,
+9189,HXH,West Oak Lane to Tioga,3,
+9190,J,Bridesburg to Germantown,3,
+9191,K,East Falls to Arrott Terminal,3,
+9194,L,Plymth Meeting Mall/Erdenhm to OTC,3,
+9267,LUCYGO,LUCY Gold Loop,3,
+9268,LUCYGR,LUCY Green Loop ,3,
+9210,MFL,Market - Frankford Line ,1,
+9196,MFO,Midnight-5am Service (Bus) for MFL,3,
+9234,NHSL,69th St Term to Norristown TC,0,
+9197,R,Wissahickon Transit Cntr to FTC,3,
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