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Land Acknowledgement SMS App

Land Acknowledgement is a simple api that links data about native lands to current locations.

Data Sources

This project does two basic things:

  • determines a lat/lon from a city/state
  • looks up the native land from that point

Contributions that improve either of these are welcome. Currently the data comes from:

Running locally


To install an run from docker container

git clone  
cd land_acknowledgement  
docker-compose up

This will create docker images and start containers for postgreSQL and a simple python web server. Once running you should be able to make POST requests to localhost:8000/ with something like Postman or curl:

curl -XPOST localhost:8000/ -d Body=Anchorage%2C+ak

In development the webserver, gunicorn, will reload on changes to the code.

To bring service down and remove containers use:

docker-compose down

While the containers are running you can execute and attach a shell environment with:

docker exec -it landak_web sh 


Heroku: Add a postgres database add-on. The number of row in the database exceeds the limits for the free tier postgres. This requires at least the Hobby-basic ($9.00/month).

Add postgis extension

Connect to heroku postgres via the cli and add extension with create extension postgis

% heroku pg:psql --app landak
landak::DATABASE=> create extension postgis;

Exit psql with \q

Create backup of local database to restore to heroku

The compressed format --format=c is required for Heroku.

pg_dump --format=c --compress=9 -U postgres postgres  > local_data/data_dump.sql

Upload the compressed sql file to S3(or some other accessible place) and pass it to the Heroku cli

heroku pg:backups:restore postgresql-opaque-24019 --app landak

Where postgresql-opaque-24019 would be the name of your actual database and landak the name of your app.

The Dockerfile on the top-level directory will build an image appropriate for Heroku. To build a push this use:

heroku stack:set container --app landak
heroku container:push web --app landak
heroku container:release web --app landak