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This is a map of South Downtown Atlanta, created for CodeAcross. Soon, the map will have a home on

##Data and sources:

##Possible Foursquare category additions:

  • Neighborhood: 4f2a25ac4b909258e854f55f
  • Southern / Soul Food Restaurant: 4bf58dd8d48988d14f941735
  • Other Great Outdoors: 4bf58dd8d48988d162941735
  • Salon / Barbershop: 4bf58dd8d48988d110951735
  • Courthouse: 4bf58dd8d48988d12b941735
  • Building: 4bf58dd8d48988d130941735
  • Plaza: 4bf58dd8d48988d164941735
  • Food Truck: 4bf58dd8d48988d1cb941735
  • Cosmetics Shop: 4bf58dd8d48988d10c951735
  • Indian Restaurant: 4bf58dd8d48988d10f941735
  • Pizza Place: 4bf58dd8d48988d1ca941735
  • Office: 4bf58dd8d48988d124941735
  • Police Station: 4bf58dd8d48988d12e941735
  • Gym: 4bf58dd8d48988d176941735
  • Parking: 4c38df4de52ce0d596b336e1
  • Internet Cafe: 4bf58dd8d48988d1f0941735
  • Non-Profit: 50328a8e91d4c4b30a586d6c
  • Convenience Store: 4d954b0ea243a5684a65b473

##Future Goals:

  • Add more layers
  • Make vacancy data more clear (it currently seems like whole buildings are vacant that aren't)
  • Create separate maps for different audiences
  • Add to South Downtown website
  • Think about dream data and what we could gather

##Some possible ways to narrow the map for different audiences

  • Real estate developers
  • Advocacy (city planning, decision-makers, etc.)
  • Visitors
  • Residents

##Potential Additions:

  • Population density and demographics
  • Schools
  • Street closures
  • Parking (lots, decks, street)
  • Use parcel layer to shade parcels based on data (use, ownership, etc.)
  • Historical uses (esp. for vacancies)
  • More transit
    • Bus stops (MARTA and regional) and/or routes
    • Greyhound
    • Bike lanes & routes
    • Streetcar
    • Map usage
  • Infrastructure (plumbing, electrical, fiber)
  • Social services
  • Economic indicators
  • Organizations and other social events, etc.
  • Government use
  • Security (GSU police, Fulton county police & sheriff, APD, gov't building security)
  • Proximity to stuff outside South Downtown
  • Ambassadors
  • Future plans (building permits; future land use map)
  • Events
  • Previous property sales/prices
  • Visitors to the area
  • More landmarks
  • Filming locations
  • Retail
  • Integrating other CodeAcross groups' efforts: storytelling, branding, participatory


  • India Calhoun
  • John Crocker
  • Janae Futrell
  • Jasdeep Garcha
  • Darin Givens
  • Rudy Goodwine
  • Ethan Henderson
  • Scott Henderson
  • Matthew Jones
  • Kyle Kessler
  • John Kirkley
  • Bryan Lackey
  • Jimmy Lo
  • John Mancini
  • Luigi Montanez
  • Katie OConnell
  • Mollie Taylor



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