Map of early voting locations in Georgia
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  • Want to help out? Look at the issues or just find something you can improve and submit a pull request. You can also join Code for Atlanta's Slack, then join channel #early-voting to collaborate with others working on the project.. Thanks!

To run the angular app:

cd angular
bower install
npm install
gem install compass
grunt serve

To deploy the app (if you have the AWS token):

Uncomment line 442 of /angular/Gruntfile.js

grunt build
grunt upload

About the directories:

  • angular is the current version of the webapp.
  • scraper is a scraper for getting the data from the Secretary of State's website and a script to wrangle that data into something useable.
  • old data contains some very early data from elections, kept for posterity. More old data is in scraper/scraped.