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do something with our tree API #3

jfilter opened this issue Apr 17, 2018 · 5 comments


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commented Apr 17, 2018

We built an API to retrieve the trees in Berlin but we have never build something useful with it. Maybe you have an idea what to do with them?

Contact person: @k-nut


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commented Oct 8, 2018

I will brainstorm a bit on this and see if I can implement the ideas myself but feel free to jump on any point:

So for each tree we have potentially the information for the column names listed here.

Looking at the map, info for the following columns seems to be available and interesting:

  • baumhöhe (tree height)
  • stammumfang (trunk circumference)
  • kronendurchmesser (crown diameter)
  • art (genus)
  • pflanzjahr (year of planting)
  • alter (age)
  • eigentümer (owner)
  • bezirks ID (district)

I think the following statistics/relationships would be interesting to look at:

  1. Single-column statistics overall and per district:
    How does the distribution of e.g. tree height, year of planting or tree genus look overall and per district? Are there differences between the districts? What types of owners are there? (I thinks it's mostly publicly owned but not sure)
  2. Column relationships:
    I guess the tree height/trunk circumference/crown diameter should linearly depend on the tree age but is it the same for different districts/owners/year of planting? How does it look within a single tree genus?
  3. Spatial dependencies
    Of course for all of the above, the indicators can be analyzed in a spatial manner as well.

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commented Oct 10, 2018

A good first step would be to update the date at
It says <downloaded_at> 2016-08-13T23:02:56Z … <ingested_at> 2016-08-15T21:02:31.614Z on the trees.

I see some interest in the data attribute "age". For example this article There are also quite a lot results for google searches like "neukölln ältester baum", so it has some traction in the press.

I am very interested in the accuracy and "up to dateness" of the data. A comparison with OpenStreetMap OSM data might be a good place to start. I am, however, not sure how to go about it, since no datasource is more "right". Some OSM data have a timestamp, so that might be a good indicator. Some mapper change a natural=tree to natural=tree_stump if the tree gets cut down (Example: Those might be interesting to compare.

There are some areas - like "Hasenheide" - where a lot of different types of tree are planted. That might be interesting to analyse.

Finding a way to add the data - or enrich the data - in OSM would be a great step. I tried using it with mapmeld/iD#66 but failed due to incompatibility with the geo-json-services.


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commented Dec 9, 2018

I ran a workshop at Bits und Bäume a couple of weeks ago where we tried to come up with use cases for all the tree data. People wrote down their ideas on cards that I now digitised. Feel free to take a look at those for inspiration. If anyone would be so kind to maybe extract the handwritten text from there to a plain text list in this issue it would be much appreciated.



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commented Dec 10, 2018

ohne gewähr aber mit übersetzung:

  • is there a relationship between tree density & air quality (map tree density)
  • Baum (?) Gerechtigkeit -> Arm/Reich etc (tree (?) justice -> poor/rich)
  • Parkplatz ohne Linden (parking lot without lime/basswood)
  • Ernährung für Insekten/biodiversität -> stadtplanung (nutrition for insects/biodiversity -> city planning)
  • guided tree walks: blütezeit (blooming times)
  • local: biggest tree, oldest tree, rarest tree
  • how well do trees grow in berlin -> stabilität w/h (stability of width/height [I guess])
  • what influences tree growth in berlin -> water , air quality, etc
  • vögel -> bestände/Nester/Schutz (birds -> stock/nests/protection)
  • social media (foursquare) bewertung (social media ratings)
  • Baumdaten mit Daten zum Stadtklima abgleichen (Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit) für Standortwahl/Neupflanzung/Baumartwahl (compare with city climate data (temperature, humidity) to help with choosing new planting locations and tree types)
  • Eichhörnchenbäume, wo sichere route für Tiere (squirrel trees, where safe routes for them)
  • mit google maps/Luftaufnahmen abgleichen, erweitern (compare/extend with data from google maps/airial photos)
  • gps-datenqualität (gps data quality)
  • imker !!! standorte für bienenstöcke -> honigsorte/ertrag (beekeepers !!! locations for bee hives -> honey type/yield)
  • verkehrdichte (traffic density)
  • baumarten -> zeitreihen (tree types -> time sequences)
  • baumarten und wohlstand der region (tree types and wealth of the district)
  • remote sensing baumgesundheit (tree health)
  • wohlstandskrankheiten/wohlbefinden + bäume (civilization diseases/life quality + trees)
  • bäume + nutzung der angrenzenden flächen (zum pflanzzeitpunkt) (trees + usage of surrounding area (at planting time))
  • bäume und wert fon immobilien (trees and value of buildings/real estate)
  • H²O bilanz der bäume (H²O balance of trees)
  • alter und größe passend zu "normbaum" der art? (age and size fit to "normal tree" of the same type?)
  • trainingsdaten für satelliten/luftbildaufnahmen (training data for satellite/arial images)
  • routen planen - schattenwege (z.b. bei hitzewelle für kinder) (planning shadow routes during hot summer days)
  • sauerstoffqualität durch atmen verschiedener bäume in verschiedenen bezirken (air quality because of different trees in different districts)
  • baumpatenschaften im kiez (sponsorship of trees in kiez)
  • meldung sturmgefahr/folgen (report storm danger/consequences)
  • meldung krankheiten/schädlingsbefall (report diseases/infestation)
  • kombination mit anderen daten z.b. BSP (combine with data like gdp)
  • baumscheiben patenschaften (tree slices sponsorship)
  • früchte tragende bäume anzeigen (show fruit trees)
  • biodiversitätsfördernde baumarten anzeigen (bienenweide) (show trees that support biodiversity)
  • augmented reality
  • verknüpfung mit fahrrad routenplaner für schöne wege (combine with bicycle routes to plan beautiful routes)
  • wasserverbrauch von baumarten anzeigen (show water consumption of trees)
  • verknüpfung mit satellitenbildern (combine with satellite images)
  • analyse historischer pflanzungen (analyze historic plantings)

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commented Mar 10, 2019

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